ER:1-13: Stealing

So, is Jack a good boy for getting money for his family, or is he a thief? Or, is he both?(p. 9)

 Stealing something is vice.  Robbers must be arrested and pay for their stealing. It's true, I think. This book also mentions such bad deed.  But, it refers to "thieves we like", at the same time. What is the admirable stealing on earth?  That is some stealing which are done for saving poor people. For example,  Jack from a famous story "Jack and the Bean tree" can be cited.  As you know, he steals money and other things before he leaves a big house in the sky. After all, he gets money for his mother. But is his action really good?

 Then, Arsene Lupine is one of the admirable thieves. He is a thief gentleman who was created by French mystery writer Maurice LeBlanc. He has a clear mind and a talent for disguise. He is full of wit and humor. He accomplishes any thief considered to be impossible easily, but he never commit theft to poor people.  He targets unjust politicians and businessmen. He save weak women or children, and innocent people. He is called benevolent thief. Is he bad man?  Probably, many people answer "No, He isn't so bad."   Of course, stealing is bad thing.  While, some thief gentlemen are hero. That's because they teach a lesson to politicians with corruption and help some people.  Lupine is the Savior to many people rather than thief!  We can not necessarily say that stealing is bad thing! But I think that stealing such as Lupine is glorified by power of description of the writer. If a real phantom thief like Lupine appeared actually, could we praise him? It 's only in the world of novels and comics?  I could consider such thing deeply thorough this book. Thinking about something which we don't  usually consider is interesting!  There are a lot of doubts on books of this series. Please read this book and think! 

David Maule. (2014). Stealing. New York : Cambridge University


BR:1-12: Logan's Choice

'Yes, madam, ' said Grant. (p.32)

 A man who has money, friend and beautiful wife is dead at a bathroom. Inspector Logan decides that this is a murder case.  She tries to find the murder and gather a lot of information. Some trivial thing is also important to solve the case. Her wisdom and accurate instructions to sergeant Grant leads the case to a solution, again!!

 Have you read "Inspector Logan" , the beginning of the story of inspector Logan series?  In the first book, sergeant Grant doesn't accept Logan as a reliable inspector, and he doesn't call Logan madam. However, please pay attention to the quotation of this blog. He calls her madam with trust. If you have known the characters already, you can smile at the expression, madam. If you don't read the previous story and don't know who is Logan, please imagine that she has many trouble to be good inspector. Then, probably, you will be pleased when you realize the description...
 The change of human relation among characters is of course charming. However, another point to focus on is Logan's intelligence! The process where problem goes to the solution is so interesting. This is why I recommend this series to you!!

Richard MacAndrew.(2000). Logan's choice. Cambridge University: Britain


BR:1-11: Babe: Pig in the city

"Thia is a city. Nobody wins in the city. And nobody helps anybody. understand?" (p. 16)

 I like Babe!  I remember the excitement of reading the sheep-pig, the first book about Babe, for the first time and the excitement of the time when I found the next story of Babe at the library of the PUK! Babe leaves  the farm for the city. Farmer Hoggett needs some money and Mr, Hoggett's wife and the pig head for the city. There, Babe meets a lot of animals, for example, dogs , chimpanzees and an orang-utan. At first, the animals of the city are dry and cool to others, however, Babe's innocence and kindness change them. They and Babe become good friends, but Babe's kindness sometimes brings about danger  and troubles...
 At the same time, Mrs. Hoggett gets into a panic because her important pig disappears somewhere. She tries to find Babe, but...

I think Babe is great pig. He changes other animals' maid and even human's mind, for instant, the mind of Mrs. Hoggett. Mrs. Hoggett took Babe to the city for her money at first , but the story doesn't go as her will. At last, she and other human do their best for the animals. Human might try to treat animals at will, but animals can overturn it!! In this book, Babe and his friends do that! Therefore, I was exciting to this story.
I think we should also think about real animal's innocence when we enjoy this type of story. 

 Dick King-Smith. (adapted from the novelization by Justine Korman and Ron Fontes ; based on the motion picture screenplay written by George Miller, Judy Morris, Mark Lamprell ; based on characters by Dick King-Smith ; retold by John Escott)  (1999). Babe: Pig in the city. Britain: Pearson Education


BR:1-10: Moonwalk: The first trip to the moon

   With almost every step they leave footprints on the moon! (P. 41)

 We know something about the moon, right? The moon is closest to the earth in the solar system, and it is the only extraterrestrial object that mankind has reached.   Long ago,  however, going to the moon was only a dream. People all over the world imagined many things  about moon. Some people believed it was a god. In Japan, people thought there was a rabbit on the moon.  Later, people learned a lot of things about the moon through telescopes. They were dreaming of visiting it.
 In 1969, that dream came true! Apollo 11 of the United States of America left the earth to go to the moon.  About five days later, two astronauts stood on the moon for the first time in human's history.  They left footprints there. There is no wind or rain, so, if no one comes to disturb them, they will stay there for a long time... 

 There are many stories which is unfamiliar to us behind the story of success.  A lot of people who were watching the moment of the first trip on TV might have be excited. But to go to the moon was so dangerous and hard work. Three astronauts had to get over some troubles and cooperate with each other and share some roles. The  story of "Apollo 11" is famous, but there were a lot of difficulties which is not known so much.  This book is good for people who are interested in the process of the first trip to the moon.

Donnelly Judy. (1999). Moonwalk:The first trip to the moon: New York: Random House


BR:1-09: Black Beauty

"Always be good, so people will love you. Always work hard and do your best." (p. 4)

  Always be good , so people will love you. Always work hard and your best. These were the words of Black Beauty's mother to her son when he was only young horse.(quotation from page 4) At that time, he lives peacefully in a big field of green grass with his mother and other horses. However, when Black Beauty-the hero horse- gets older, his life changes. As a carriage-horse, he is tamed by humans, he does his best as her mother tells him. A first, he works nicely with a good family, but he is sold because his master decides to move for his ill wise. Then, Black Beauty is separated from his companies and his masters and the family. He was pass into  the hands of many people, encounters a variety of people and goes through many things. Any time he never forget his mother's lesson.

 This story is developed through Black Beauty's flash back.  That's why we readers can see things from a horse's point of view. At last,a special thing happens, and we can also sympathize with him thanks to the style of autobiography of a hero horse. After I finish reading, I perceived a sigh of great work. Through some searching, I found out that it was the only novel in the life of woman writer, Anna Sewell of England. According to Wikipedia, the author's sympathetic depiction of  the plight of working animals is said to have led to a large interest in Animal rights protection and to make an effort foe  abolition of the habit of bearing-rein. This influential novel became a movie, so it is possible to enjoy this story by both reading and watching.

Swell Anna. (2000). Black Beauty. Britain: Person Education


BR:1-08: Babe: The sheep-pig

"I want to be a sheep-pig," Babe said." (p. 13)

 Please look at that lovely animals on the book. Hero character of this book is the pig. He is Babe. His mother called all her young the same name, "Babe".  When he comes to his boss' farm for the first time, and be asked his name by a sheep-dog named Fly, he doesn't know his name. Fly decides to call his "Babe", and he regards her "Mum".  Sheep-dogs are guard dogs, who is trained for their jobs. They keep eyes on their sheep, lead them, and guarded them from human robber or predator like wolves. Babe's first friend is Fly who is a sheep-dog, so he long for sheep-dog. He wants to be a sheep-dog, however he is a pig, not a dog. He can't be a sheep-dog. That's why he tries to be a sheep-pig.

 I like this story because his process of growing up moves my heart. Then I like it because the characters are so unique! And, what is more, this book tells us something important!! It is how valuable being polite is. Fly is a brilliant sheep-dog, and he thinks that dogs are clever animals but sheep are stupid animals. She looks down on sheep, so she teach Babe to "tell" sheep, not to "ask" sheep. Actually, she doesn't know what like pigs are at first, and she thinks that humans eat stupid animals, so she teaches her young pigs as stupid animals. (It's so interesting. Don't we think of  stupid animals as hood?) However, she gets to know Babe is clever, so she tells him to be clever. On the other hand, Babe is very polite to sheep, and sheep like Babe. Sheep hate Fly as a bad wolf.  After sheep meets Babe, they change their attitude to Fly, who is not polite. One day, they ignore Fly's command, and begins to speak sheep language. Fly and human farmer don't know the words, except Babe. However, what is most interesting, it's not only sheeps who change their minds after Babe comes to their farm. Fly is also getting be a changed one, gradually. Fly have watched Babe, and she "asks" sheep about one thing for Babe. Then, she is able to talk with sheep! This tells us that being polite is important. That is, thinking of someone's mind is so precious. Communication with animals might be possible if we have the same gaze as animals.....

Dick King-Smith ; retold by Chris Grant-Bear  (1999). Babe: The shee-pig. Britain: Person Education

BR:1-07 Paris: city of light

Imagine you're going on vacation to Paris for a week. What five things do you most want to see and do? (p. 7)

I like learning French and French  culture, so I chose this book "Paris city of light". In this book, a lot of information are provided. Maybe, some people dream of Paris, and are familiar with Paris. The others might have been learned the history of Paris. That is, Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. Through this book, you can reconfirm Paris, or can know Paris, newly.  Foe example, one of the reasons Paris is called "the city of light"is that Paris was one of the first cities in Europe to have streetlights.  Have you heard it ever before? Do you want to know more about Paris?  I recommend this book to you if you are interested in Paris.

   By the way, do you know a great movie, titled as " Midnight in Paris"?  An American man from today goes back in time at midnight and meets all of the famous artists, writers, fashion designers, and so on.   This book introduces the movie and the fact that Paris has a long history of art , artiste and writers. Hemingway and is one of the writers who came from other countries to live in Paris.
 At the last of this book, author posed some questions to reader. One of them as follow, "What time of year do you want to go Paris? Why?" I want to go to Paris at the same midnight as the movie, if it was possible to realize. It 's like because I like works of Ernest Hemingway.

Beaver Simon.(2014). Paris: city of light. America: Cambridgr University

ER:1-13: Stealing

So, is Jack a good boy for getting money for his family, or is he a thief? Or, is he both?(p. 9)  Stealing something is vice.  Robbers ...